Our Vision

NZ Hydrogen was founded by Matthew Greaves. New Zealand born and raised, Matthew Greaves had the vision and drive early in his career to make the world better connected and cleaner by making technology accessible to everyone. His first venture was a success in providing ultra-fast broadband to communities in

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Heating With Hydrogen Energy

Homes and buildings today usually operate electric or fossil fuel heaters and for years they have warmed our toes successfully but at a cost… That is why Hydrogen Gas is that next innovative step for heating your home or building, it incorporates the old ways that worked for years but

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Cooking With Hydrogen Energy

When we think of cooking with gas we don’t first think of cooking with Hydrogen gas, do we? No. Hydrogen is going to be the gas of the future and for good reason too. Hydrogen has many benefits that can apply to commercial applications and now residential households as well.

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Refuelling Hydrogen Cars

Next-generation cars like the Hyundai Nexo are the way of the future.  “The all-new Hyundai NEXO’s fuel cell system combines oxygen and hydrogen to create a flow of electrons that powers the electric drive motor and charges the 1.56kWh high voltage battery. It delivers best-in-class performance while producing no particulates

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COVID-19 Update

NZ Hydrogen and the team are doing well in isolation, New Zealand has been under a level 4 lockdown for the past 2 weeks and is expected to continue for the next 2-6 weeks. Due to these restrictions, there will be changes to the launch date of the HMAX200 Series,

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