Our Vision

NZ Hydrogen’s Vision Is:

NZ Hydrogen was founded by Matthew Greaves. New Zealand born and raised, Matthew Greaves had the vision and drive early in his career to make the world better connected and cleaner by making technology accessible to everyone. His first venture was a success in providing ultra-fast broadband to communities in low economic areas.

Over the years the communications industry has developed into something beautiful. Now more than ever people are connected, can see world issues, make an impact and make their voices heard, it is amazing to see everyone can be enlightened with knowledge thanks to the internet.

Today Matthew Greaves has a new vision for the future. With over 14 years of experience in building businesses, he decided to leave the communications industry to make his mark on the energy sector by launching NZ Hydrogen.

NZ Hydrogen is based and operated in Northland, New Zealand. The location is ideal as it’s not too isolated from the main cities and distribution centres.

Employees of NZ Hydrogen are number one. That’s why training in low economic areas is vital and where NZ Hydrogen can make a great economic impact on areas which otherwise would be struggling. In turn, a happy and healthy workforce is one that will have high productivity which will yield great results for NZ Hydrogen.

The primary vision for NZ Hydrogen is manufacturing and supplying Hydrogen technology designed for the home and small business user.

The product line for NZ Hydrogen includes the HMAX200 Series which produces Hydrogen gas on-demand and devices like Hydrogen cooktops, underfloor heating, water heating units and more.

With these Hydrogen devices made by NZ Hydrogen, users can now be independent of harmful gases like LPG or compressed natural gas which are not only harmful to the user but harmful to the planet in many ways.

NZ Hydrogen is proud to be part of this global initiative which is making a massive impact for change to the world that will improve the environment and wellbeing of everyone.

The year 2020 marks a new era in energy, now with many energy companies like Shell looking towards Hydrogen gas for the masses. Over the coming years, we will see Hydrogen in our homes, hospitals, schools, roads, communities and businesses. These changes will have a dramatic impact by reducing pollution and carbon emissions from what we all see today.

Matthew Greaves
director | NZ Hydrogen
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