The Mission

NZ Hydrogen’s Mission Is:

To provide homes, communities and businesses the opportunity to transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable Hydrogen energy by developing the HMAX200 Hydrogen production series.

Users all over the world will be able to use clean renewable Hydrogen gas in their homes, communities and businesses just as you would with natural gas but without the large carbon footprint and damaging environmental impact of using fossil fuels.

NZ Hydrogen is set out to provide a solution that can produce Hydrogen gas on demand that is economical and safe for the environment.

To achieve this mission, large amounts of research and development around the processes of producing hydrogen have been underway.

The current breakthrough NZ Hydrogen has achieved over the past two years has been the ability to produce in our laboratory a split cell hydrogen generator without having to use expensive conventional membranes and creating a natural electrolyte that assists in the production of Hydrogen gas without causing harm to materials used in the production of Hydrogen gas.

Tests conducted by NZ Hydrogen have concluded that the combination of these breakthroughs have improved efficiency in how much energy is being used to produce Hydrogen gas, in some case studies conducted more than 53% to 85% more efficient than current Hydrogen generators in the marketplace today.

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