When we think of cooking with gas we don’t first think of cooking with Hydrogen gas, do we? No.

Hydrogen is going to be the gas of the future and for good reason too. Hydrogen has many benefits that can apply to commercial applications and now residential households as well.

“Some of the main reasons a household would want to switch to Hydrogen today is to improve the overall health and well being of their family.”


If Hydrogen burners replaced conventional gas burners it would remove carbon buildup and dangerous carbon monoxide/dioxide gases in the home which affects and agitates many asthmatics and people with respiratory issues suffering today.

“Pollution is a huge factor in making humans and the ecosystem sick, If we remove pollution from our homes, we will live healthier happier lives.”


The team at NZ Hydrogen are looking at innovative ways to make Hydrogen gas available for everyone.

With technology like the HMAX200 Series from NZ Hydrogen, everyone in the world will be able to start cooking their meals for friends and family using clean renewable Hydrogen Gas, knowing that they are keeping their family and the planet safe from pollutants.