Next-generation cars like the Hyundai Nexo are the way of the future. 

“The all-new Hyundai NEXO’s fuel cell system combines oxygen and hydrogen to create a flow of electrons that powers the electric drive motor and charges the 1.56kWh high voltage battery. It delivers best-in-class performance while producing no particulates or tailpipe emissions, other than purified air and droplets of clean water.”


Large companies like Hyundai, Nikola and Toyota are promoting these technologies by building some impressive Hydrogen cars for the market. It is also other companies like NZ Hydrogen that are looking at innovative and revolutionary ways to make Hydrogen work for everyone too.

Revolutionary Hydrogen products like the HMAX200 Series are being designed to be future capable of refuelling your Hydrogen car directly from your home or workspace.

“We have seen with COVID-19, data showing a dramatic reduction in pollution from fewer cars on the roads, so It only makes sense on many levels to replicate some of these reductions by changing the way we refuel our cars.”


By refuelling your Hydrogen car at home or workplace and not driving to a petrol station 80% of the time will help reduce road congestion, noise and energy waste.

Fuel your future with Hydrogen.